Good Type

Letters for everyone


Good type, Public letters is a workshop on typography in Public Space. For that we will revise what typography is and it’s limits (if there is any), but we’ll also define what public space means and how we can have an impact on it.

There are already chosen places we will work in, and we’ll think of a typographic intervention and how to do it. We’ll work in individually and in groups, and the whole process will be documented with a video camera, so everyone can have a visual memory of their creations. At the end we’ll screen all the videos in an unforgettable Vernissage-Party. Here’s the schedule:

/// 1st day – Work at vorort
Presentation typography/public space. Presentation of the places. Thinking of the message/thinking of the media.

/// 2nd day – Start in vorort then work in location
Meet at vorort. Experimenting with the media. Start installing typography in location.

/// 3rd day – Work in location and in vorort
Last day we all go around the city and see the installations in the different locations. Later, we’ll set the screening with the movies  at VORORT and we’ll announce the prizes.


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