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Good Type, Public Letters

This time we’ll go big, so if you missed the first Good Type Workshop, make sure you don’t miss this one. The city becomes a canvas, your message becomes real. In this workshop we’ll use typography to do a site-specific installation. 

The second edition of Good Type will be intensive workshop on typography in public space at VOR|ORT, Dessau, Germany from 16th to 18th June. The participants will work around the city conveying messages trough typographic interventions. The results of the workshop will be exhibited.

The sessions will start on June the 16th at 10 AM, with a duration of 6 hours per day. The final result will be revealed on the 18th of June at 5pm. There will be prices, rewards, and diplomas. The workshop will be held by Martina Flor and Jakob Wolf and given in English, German and Spanish. All designers and type-interested people are invited to join, though the places are limited. SIGN UP NOW!.

How to sign up:

– send an e-mail to with the following information: Full name / Studies / Age / E-mail / Full address
– You’ll receive a personal passport e-mail that you’ll have to print and present at VOR|ORT on the 16th of June.
– Subscribe to this blog to get all of the previous and upcoming updates about the workshop.


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