Good Type

Letters for everyone


Wanderlust by Dana Lungmus, Día Plátano by Carlos Rodríguez, Freya by Freya Schork, Zombie Spezial by Caroline Heinecke, Fiji by Justus Streit, Glue/Klebstoff by Benjamin Sporer, GS by George Shatirishvili, French, Spanish and German by Katie Vaz, Love by Netikan Roopngarm, Souldier by Victor Gountaras, Natural Museum by Jie Wang, Just Today by Jacob Wolf, CG by Camilo García, Hago lo mío by Josefina Anglada, P.nitta by Panitta Nutsatit, BKK by Kerati Wannalertsiri, Saitokaka by Yehia Qi, Pan by Shaohua Pan, Dog by Pisutha Peanpattanangkul, and Cafe Prague by Michela Mihaylova


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