Good Type

Letters for everyone

Day 1

So, we all know now what a lettering is and we are creating our own.

Caroline is creating a lettering for a vintage zombie movie poster. Pan is writing his own name. George and Camilo work on a monogram. Jie Wang makes a design for the natural museum. Katie draws type for a series of food packaging. Yejia Qi says “Saitokaka is looking for freedom” while Josefina states “hago lo mío”, meaning I do my stuff. Freya draws her name and Beatrice a logotype for her personal identity. Pisutha writes “dog”, Kerati works with “BKK” and Panitta draws her name. Justus is doing an oriental inspired logo for Fiji Dreams. Michaela explores calligraphy with “Café Prague”. Ben cannot decide in between languages, “Glue” and “Klebstott”. Dana Does a logotype for a first aid kit, “wanderlust”. Netty says “love”, Jakob draws “just today” and Carlos is working on a banana inspired lettering “día platano”.

Tomorrow we’ll learn how to draw our lettering in digital curves, but it’s your own decision to make your design into a digital form. Bring your laptop. Don’t stay up late tonight, we meet at 10 AM!

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